If you're getting a lot of inventory delivered and stored in your warehouse, you might already have a good system for tracking those packages and organizing them effectively. However, like a lot of people, you may not really have a system in place for protecting the boxes and items that you have in the warehouse; that puts them at risk for being crushed or suffering water damage. Use these tips for inventory inside the warehouse so you don't have to worry about losing money.

Re-Evaluate Your Racking System

The racks that you're placing boxes and bins on might have been in place when the previous owner was there, and you simply inherited them. However, it is vital that you monitor the stability and strength of the racks and re-evaluate whether you need a new system. If you have a wood racking system in particular, it's smart to walk the length of your warehouse looking for signs that the wood is buckling or starting to split in ways that could lead to failure. If one of the racks does fail, your items may get damaged and be hard to get to. Reinforce wood racks regularly or think about installing a new system made of steel.

Use Stackable Storage Bins

One of the smartest things you can do is realize what kinds of damage your products could suffer. Roof leaks and spills can lead to lasting water damage on the inventory you're storing. This is especially relevant if the products you're storing have liquid components themselves. For that reason, it makes sense to use plastic stackable storage bins for the boxes in the warehouse.

Not only will each bin prevent external liquid infiltration, but should anything happen inside the boxes, you can contain the liquid in the one bin so that it doesn't flow out and damage other boxes or cause a slipping risk for employees in the area. This can save you a lot of money and ensures that there is not a lot of mess in the warehouse. Hard plastic bins could also keep inventory safe if there is a problem with the racking system that causes a shelf to fail.

With these protection tips, you can ensure warehouse inventory will be safe until it leaves the space. Be certain to remain vigilant about ways you can improve storage inside your warehouse and visit retailers like Garland's, Inc. in the area to get more ideas.