If you are interested in drilling a well for your business, you need to know the different types of well that you can drill. There are four primary types of wells: dug wells, bored wells, driven point wells and drilled wells. Each type of well is created differently and comes with different risks.

Dug Wells

Wells that are built by hand are usually referred to as dug wells. A dug well is a well that has a very large diameter hole that is usually a couple of feet wide. The well itself is usually shallow and is dug in areas where the water table is higher. Dug wells typically are not protected from surface water that well. They usually have very simple mechanics, doors or covers to protect them from surface water runoff and contamination.

The biggest drawback to dug wells is that they don't protect your drinking water from contamination. With a dug well, you run a high risk of your drinking water becoming contaminated and ruined.

Bored Wells

Bored wells are also have a really large diameter, just like dug wells and are also not that deep. They are deeper than dug wells though as equipment is used to dig out a bored well. Bored wells are made using an earth auger. The inside walls of the well are made out of concrete.

There are a few downsides to bored wells. They tend to not be that deep, which means if your area has a drought, your well is likely to dry up. Also, the lack of depth presents a high risk of the well becoming contaminated as well.

Driven Point Wells

Driven point wells are very small in diameter, usually only a couple of inches wide. However, they are not that deep. They are about as deep as a bored well. They are created by mechanically driving a pipe into the ground.

Driven point wells are only installed in areas where the ground is really soft, hence why they are often referred to as sand point wells. They can also dry out really easily in the event of a drought. However, do to the narrow opening, they do not become as contaminated nearly as easy as dug or bored wells.

Drilled Wells

The most effective type of well is a drilled well. Its diameter falls in between the wide diameter of a dug or bored well, and the very small diameter of a driven well. The walls of a drilled well are usually enforced with multiple materials, and the cover is designed to limit the presence of contaminants, thus keeping your well water safe to drink. 

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