Accounting software really should not be a "one size fits all" sort of deal. Not all businesses are exactly the same. Neither are the ways in which companies and businesses operate. That said, why would you want a general accounting software program to run your business and keep track of company finances? What you need is something like FACT software, which is a custom-tailored-to-your-business, automatic tracking, and report-generating accounting software. Here is what such software can do for you.

All Online Orders Entered Automatically 

Since a vast majority of consumers now place orders online, their orders and the cost are entered automatically into your account system software. This helps you keep a running tally, in perfect sequential order by date and amount, of every sale and your incoming profits. You never have to enter any of these sales by hand ever again.

Set up the Software to Print Reports Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually

When you first install this kind of software, you can set it up to print reports in any format or time frame you want. Do you want a quarterly report on profits and losses? How about a report on inventory incoming and outgoing? No problem. The facts software, when set up correctly, will automatically print the requested reports at the frequency desired.

The Software Is Prepacked to Fit Your Business and Ready to Launch

When you buy custom-tailored accounting software, it is already prepackaged for your business and your needs. It is ready to launch, right out of the box. You do not need any tech support person installing it or guiding you through it. If, however, you do need help setting it up, you can always call the customer support number that is included with your order. Most companies that offer this kind of software know that there may be a glitch here and there, but it is almost always an easy fix.

Download and/or Transfer Information into Online Tax Documents

Even better still is the fact that you can download and/or transfer company information into tax software if you file your company's taxes online. Since this kind of accounting software keeps perfect records of everything you need to fill out your taxes, all you have to do is give the tax accountant or tax software program permission to access your business accounting software. The two programs work out the rest between them and finish your business taxes in half the time.