Metal is one of the most popular raw materials used in industrial and manufacturing processes today. In order to be assembled into their final form, metal components must go through a fabrication process.

Cutting, drilling, and welding are all fabrication techniques that can be utilized to transform raw metal into useful components. Cutting processes can be improved with the use of the right cutting oil.

1. Cutting oils have cooling properties.

One of the primary reasons that cutting oils are used when working with metal is to keep the surface area of the metal itself cool during fabrication. Cutting tools can create a significant amount of friction as they pass through raw metal. This friction raises the surface temperature of the metal.

Excessive heat can cause the metal to warp or burn, compromising the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the finished component. A cutting oil helps to reduce friction so that thermal anomalies don't interfere with your metal cutting processes.

2. Cutting oils provide lubrication.

Some metals can be challenging to work with. Your cutting tools could have a difficult time moving through thick steel, aluminum, or brass. The application of a cutting oil can help make the cutting process a lot smoother.

The cutting oil lubricates the surface of the metal you are working with. This lubrication allows your cutting tools to move freely across the surface of the metal without encountering any friction. Your cuts will be completed faster, and they will be much cleaner when you rely on the lubricating properties of a quality cutting oil.

3. Cutting oils help extend tool life.

The tools that you rely on during the cutting process are susceptible to damage when used without a cutting oil. Raw metal that is worked without a cutting oil exposes your cutting tools to heat and resistance.

Heat can warp your tools, preventing them from cutting in a straight line. Resistance can cause blades and other essential cutting tools to break, slowing your cutting process and increasing production and manufacturing costs.

Since cutting oils help to reduce both heat and resistance, a quality cutting oil can be a valuable asset when it comes to extending the life of your cutting tools.

The right cutting oil will improve the quality and consistency of your metal fabrication processes. Invest in a mineral oil or specialized grease to protect both your raw materials and your tools against damage during fabrication.