If you are starting a freelance welding business, you may be thinking along the lines of industrial needs only. The truth is, there are residential welding services, beyond plumbing and repair projects, that you can offer your customers. Here are a few of the services you can offer as a freelance welder to help build your business and your income. Keep in mind, some of these services will thrive more during some seasons than others, but you can offer a mixture of services depending on your location:

Wedding Arches

Many wedding parties have arches and overhangs as part of their wedding celebration. These arches may be at the altar only, or they may be part of what creates a walkway canopy for the wedding party. Though some of the arches can be rented, there are some designs that need to be fabricated. As a freelance welder, you can offer arch and arbor welding as part of your additional welding services. You can also offer to rent out some of the arches that you make, creating another source of income.


Awnings are an addition that many homeowners add to their outdoor patios and decks, and over shed doorways. These awnings may be fixed, meaning they are permanently left at the open cover position. They may also be retractable, giving the client the ability to move the awning and close it when the awning is not necessary. You can offer services to create awnings, weld awnings in place, or to install awnings for your clients. You can also come up with awning designs that are per customer order, giving them a more unique awning for their home and decor theme.

Tiny Home Assistance

Tiny homes have several welding aspects to them for which some do-it-yourself builders may not have the equipment. As a freelance welder, you can offer services to help build shower enclosures, roofing trusses, and sinks or cooking areas. You can also create rainwater collection options, shutters, and other exterior portions of the tiny home build. These services can be offered in bundles or as separate services, depending on the client's need and tiny home design.

These are just a few of the welding services you can offer as part of your freelance endeavor. Make sure to leave yourself open to other options as well. You may find that your customer base starts to request things you did not think of, and that will be profitable for you in the long run.