If you plan on putting together a conveyor system to move materials to different areas in a production environment, you need quality urethane rollers that aid this movement. You'll work with a manufacturer to have them produced, which will be a straightforward experience if you follow a couple of protocols.

State Roller Purpose to Manufacturer in the Beginning 

Urethane rollers can be customized in a couple of different ways, including hardness, size, and shape. You want to make sure you express to the manufacturer what you're going to be using the urethane drive rollers for, which in your case, will be for a conveyor system.

The manufacturer needs to know this so that they can make urethane rollers with the right tolerances. Then you'll have an easier time setting these rollers up on a conveyor system and getting great performance for a long time. 

Make Sure the Manufacturer Has a Refined Curing Process

The middle component of a urethane roller is known as the core. This is the roller's foundation, which will receive urethane materials in manufacturing that have to cure around the core. You want to make sure the manufacturer you work with has taken the time to refine this curing process.

This is important so you get urethane rollers that are the correct size and hardness. The curing process should be executed around a controlled environment and should take place for a certain amount of time, which are things an experienced roller manufacturer can provide.

Consult with the Manufacturer When Discussing Load-Bearing Capabilities

In order for urethane drive rollers to move products along smoothly without damaging anything, they need to have the right load-bearing capabilities. You really can't afford to get this aspect wrong. So that you don't, schedule consultations with your selected roller manufacturer.

A manufacturer can look at your production environment and the conveyor system that will be supporting particular products being handled. They can then help you design rollers that are the right size and that have the right properties to fully support the weight of the products being moved. Then you won't have to make as many repairs or adjustments with these rollers.

You can set up a well-performing conveyor system in a production site thanks to urethane rollers, which have a lot of great properties. You can really make the most out of them by working with the right roller manufacturer and discussing with them how these components should be designed from the beginning. Contact a urethane roller manufacturer in your area to learn more.